Online Film Premiere Event

Presenting the RowanDOCS films of 2022

In still-challenging circumstances, RowanDOCS teams worked together over the course of a single semester to create two films that reveal timely stories and unforgettable characters. We are proud to share them online, beginning May 12th.

After you have seen the latest films, why not also check out one of the past award-winning films from the RowanDOCS students, part of the #6 ranked documentary program internationally.

Broken Bottles

Southern New Jersey has been the center of the nation’s glass-making tradition since before the Revolutionary War. Now, artists train the next generation of glassblowers to keep the “dying art” of glassblowing alive.

Learn more about the project and the team here.

Produced by Darien Brown, Annie Tzvetanova, Spencer Foti, Ian Arena

Slow but Steady

A former middle school language arts teacher with multiple sclerosis is determined to get back to teaching, while bringing awareness to the disease.

Learn more about the project and the team here.

Produced by Jacob Ciurlino, Tristan Krysiewicz, Timarco Brown, Conor Odell

Congratulations to the 2022 Filmmakers!

I am proud of the continued success of the RowanDOCS students, part of a long tradition of crafting powerful films. They faced numerous challenges in making these films but persevered.

Professor Diana Nicolae, Executive Producer, RowanDOCS

The Crews