Online Film Event

Presenting the RowanDOCS films of 2020

In the most challenging of circumstances, RowanDOCS teams pulled together to create a series of amazing films that reveal timely stories and unforgettable characters. Although COVID-19 prevented us from sharing these films at our normal premiere event, we were proud to share them online.

The films are now pursuing film festival distribution – More news to come soon as new screenings are announced. In the meantime, why not also check out one of the past award-winning films from the RowanDOCS students?

City of Sisterly Love

Drag performers show us the uniqueness of Philadelphia through their own personal interpretations and struggles.

Produced by Eric Posey, Austin Simmons, Marissa Armandi, James Molloy, Gary Panter.

The Mayor

15-year old Travis tries to live a full life despite being born deaf, with a personality and will that can’t be stopped.

Produced by Paisley Blair, Claire McKissick, Kyle Foor, Taylor Corson, AnnaRose Rubright.


Revealing the struggles that someone faces with a unique type of Body Dysmorphia, known as Bigorexia.

Produced by Jodi Moser, Victoria Todorova, Frank Villarreal, Samuel Kramer.

9/12: Up From the Ashes

For many, 9/11 was just the beginning of the pain, as trauma and PTSD continue to afflict those impacted by the tragedy.

Produced by Ben Lombardo, Zeid Aberra, Bryce Tripodi.

Congratulations to the 2020 Graduates!

I am very proud of what my documentary students could accomplish despite the difficulties they had to confront to tell their stories and the flexibility and strength they showed to complete these films and bring them to the public. At times like this, we need stories like these to inform, entertain, and unite us more than ever.

Professor Diana Nicolae, Executive Producer, RowanDOCS

The Crews