Crafting Award-Winning Films for Over 30 Years

Rowan documentary productions have won over 100 local, regional, and national awards since 1990, making it one of the most acclaimed undergraduate programs in the country.

RowanDOCS Courses

The Documentary Studies courses at Rowan are part of the Department of Radio, Television, and Film (RTF), and are available to all production concentration students.   For more information please see the major requirements. 

Experiencing Documentary (RTF 03.285)

This course provides non-media majors the foundational production skills and conceptual framework to create ideas for documentary films. Watch incredible documentary films and start developing an idea for your own. Film production experience is not required.

Techniques of Documentary Film (RTF 03.471)

Documentary Techniques is a writing-intensive course that explores the documentary genre through screenings and discussion. Watch and analyze amazing documentaries that have defined the genre — then come up with your own idea! The final project is to create a documentary proposal ready for production.

Documentary And Field Production (RTF 03.450)

Doc Production is a capstone course for RTF majors, calling upon all the techniques and talents they have developed to produce an approximately 20-minute documentary for distribution and screening. Films created in this course have won national awards, been broadcast on television stations in multiple countries, and been selected for prestigious film festivals.

RowanDOCS Films


Rowan students have won many of the top awards year after year, beating out graduate students and even industry professionals for these honors. RTF students continue to exhibit their award-winning documentaries and TV programs in a variety of venues around the world. Some of the more notable awards are highlighted below.

CBI Awards
2021 Third Place – Broken Bottles: A South Jersey Legacy
2020 Second Place (Special) – 9/12: Up From the Ashes
2018 Second Place – Reberth
2017 First Place – The New Blackness
2017 Third Place – Concrete Canvas
2016 Third Place – Heart of a Hero
2009 First Place – Generation Rx
2009 First Place (Special) – Life Behind Beards
2004 First Place – Dancing with Darkness
2003 First Place – Ecstasy and Electronica

CINE National Awards
2010 Golden Eagle Award – Empty Room
2008 Golden Eagle Award – Rink of Fire
2008 Golden Eagle Award – Burning Out
2007 Best in Competition – Broken Glass
2007 Golden Eagle Award – Broken Glass
2007 Golden Eagle Award – Tonal Colors
2006 Golden Eagle Award – Heroin: Dose of Reality
2006 Golden Eagle Award – Finding the Light
2004 Golden Eagle Award – Fatal Mistakes
2003 Golden Eagle Award – Ecstasy and Electronica

Student EMMY Award
1990 Winner- What Jeannie Didn’t Know

American Women in Radio & Television
2008 Gracie Allen Award – It’s Not OK!
2007 Gracie Allen Award – Broken Glass
2006 Best Director – Heroin: A Dose of Reality
2004 Gracie Allen Award – Fatal Mistakes

Dore Schary Awards
1999 Second Place – Hidden Heroes
1990 Finalist – What Jeannie Didn’t Know

Garden State Film Festival
2019 Best Student Doc — The Mayor
2018 Selection — Reberth
2017 Best Student Doc — Hope Restored
2016 Selection — A Home For Recovery

Broadcast Education Association
2022 1st Place — Mutations on Chromosome 5
2021 2nd Place — The Mayor
2021 Award of Excellence — City of Sisterly Love
2021 Award of Excellence — Bigorexia
2019 3rd Place – Reberth
2014 Hon. Mention – Slutwalk: A Day in Her Heels
2013 3rd Place (Music Video) – Science is a Man
2009 3rd Place – Movement X
2007 Award of Excellence – Broken Glass
2006 Award of Excellence – Heroin: Dose of Reality

The Communicator – Crystal Awards
2004 Award of Excellence – Fatal Mistakes
2003 Award of Excellence – Ecstasy and Electronica
2003 Honorable Mention – Breaking the Silence
2001 Award of Distinction – Underground Railroad
2000 Hon. Mention – Pioneering Profiles
2000 Award of Excellence – Wasted Youth
1999 Award of Distinction – Hidden Heroes

Society of Professional Journalists
2008 National Finalist – It’s Not OK!
2008 First Place Region I – It’s Not OK!
2006 First Place – Heroin: A Dose of Reality
2004 Second Place – Eastern State Prison
2004 Second Place Region I – Eastern State Prison
2001 First Place Region I – Pioneering Profiles
2000 Third Place Region I – Wasted Youth
2000 First Place Region I – Not Without a Past

Multiple Award Winners from:
Atlantic City Film Festival
Delaware Valley Film Festival
Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival
Garden State Film Festival
National Broadcasting Society
New Jersey Film Festival at Cape May
New Jersey Young Film and Video Makers
OUT at the Movies International Film Fest
Reality Bytes Film Festival
Telly Awards
Independent Images: POV (WHYY/PBS)