Rowan 2016 Documentary Premiere

Three new documentary projects, along with three films made in the Advanced TV course, will premiere May 11th at 6:30pm in the King Auditorium in Bozorth Hall.  Be sure to check them out!

Advanced TV Projects:

Squirebots! –Tracy Taylor, an NJ middle school teacher, strives to keep the student robotics team going despite long hours and funding challenges. Produced by Brianna Cutter, Frederick Casario, Brian Hires, Jason Penza, Eric Iaquinto

King: Portrait of an Educator — Revisiting the life of the late Dr. Norman Spencer, a prominent Philadelphia educator who fought for equality in education. Produced by Argiea Spencer, Christian Springer, Ryan Armstrong, Jasmine Plata, Troy Sargent

Inspiration — Patrick Fritche yearns to inspire others by playing piano despite his body’s limitations due to cerebral palsy. Produced by Elena Ordille, Jade McDonnough, Connor Buckley, John Gross

Documentary Production Projects:

What’s up DOC-umentary — A look at the life and work of Tex Avery, the highly influential and under-appreciated animator.
Produced by Eric Boldizar
Directed by Eric Boldizar & Orlando Mercado
Camera by Dylan DeSimine
Edited by Eric Boldizar, Dylan DeSimine & Eric Iaquinto

Heart of a Hero — The story of a Vietnam veteran and his son on a mission to find two unknown soldiers that saved his life during the war.
Produced by Michael Matarese & Lauren Rauffer
Directed by Lauren Rauffer
Camera by Frederick Casario & Patrick Hopper
Edited by Patrick Hopper

A Home for Recovery — Brian, surrounded by friends and family affected by substance abuse, is on a quest to help people in recovery.
Produced by Brian Hires & Kyle Rosner
Camera by Nicholas Markel & Jason Penza
Edited by Jason Penza



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